The making of instrument no 400. Click here to watch on YouTube

Conductor Philip Greenberg about violinmaker Peter Westerlund

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Ordering Information

If you are interested in ordering an instrument, contact us and we can discuss your preferences regarding model, measurements, etc.

To be able to give a realistic waiting time to future customers, we only accept definitve orders. Given such an order, we put you on our waiting list.

At the time of ordering, the price is set and you will be given an approximate waiting time.

During the making process, you can (if you choose to) receive pictures via e-mail, so that you can follow the construction of your instrument.

You can choose to pick up the instrument here at our workshop or we send the instrument to you in a safe and custom made deliviery box for the instrument.

For more information, please contact us by
phone +46 (0)21 33 37 97 or e-mail:

For North American buyers

Please contact our US representative. More information

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