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Visiting conductor Herbert Blomstedt in Leipzig, Germany the 25th-27th of September 2008

Peter Westerlund went on a trip to Leipzig, combining a test of a violin ordered by his friend, the famous conductor Herbert Blomstedt, a nice concert and a study of two great violins.

A part of the concert was a violin concerto written for, and played by, the wonderful violinist Thomas Zehetmair. He performed on a Antonius Stradivarius violin from 1730. This violin was one of two marvelous violins participating in the improvized violin testing arranged in the wonderful concert hall of Gewandhaus, Leipzig.

The testing was arranged for mr Blomstedt, in order to help him with the decision wheather to buy the new violin or not. A fourth violin was also part of the testing, the first violin mr Blomstedt accuired from Peter. This violin is generously on loan to one of the concert masters in the orchestra, Julius Beckers, who also participated as a player on the test.

Mr Zehetmair also kindly participated as player together with his Stradivarius. The result of the test was that mr Blomstedt decided to buy Peters new violin too, to Peters pride and happiness.

Pictures from the violin testing

Peter, Thomas
and Herbert
Julius and Herbert
Thomas and Herbert
The concert hall

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